This is where I’m supposed to blab about myself, right?

Um, okay. Here it goes.

  1. I’m a writer. I live and breathe words. So if I can spend a weekend reading a book on writing style, that’s my jam.
  2. Bookcases are everywhere in my home. Not. Even. Kidding. It’s an addiction, and I have no shelf control.
  3. It turns out that I’m a sucker for anything with fur. So far, I have two dogs and one cat. The cat was unplanned. She just showed up one day and demanded to rule over the roost. And I conceded. I have one Shih-Tzu stalker. He likes to sneak up and peer at me while I’m working. Super creepy. Then there’s the Labradoodle. Mischief. She has taken her name to a whole new level. If she’s not barreling through the house, she’s into something. Something delicious. Usually, leftovers that are sitting on the counter. So far, she’s enjoyed pizza, bacon, biscuits, and God knows what else.

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