Since early Fall, I have been spending my nights and weekends clicking away on my laptop keyboard as I built my manuscript – one page at a time. After I finished writing it, I sat back and soaked it in, then hollered for my child. My ten-year-old son rushed into my room, a huge smile plastered across his face, and hugged me. I knew he’d be just as excited as I was that it was done.

Regardless of what does or doesn’t happen with my manuscript, my son watched me build characters on an Excel spreadsheet and would riddle me with cool things they could do, and we would toss ideas around. There were moments he’d hang around me, waiting for me to finish a certain part, and I would print a few pages off and let him read it. His little eyes roamed over the pages, reading through part of the world I created, and I held my breath, then it happened…he laughed and slapped his leg, then ran out of the room, trying to find someone else he could pin down to read it.

I’m so blessed. Sometimes there are stressful days. We all have them, right? Not only am I a mom to two handsome boys, but I’m a wife, and I have a full-time job where I may be home today and in a different state tomorrow. As a Manager over several projects throughout various states, I interface with so many different people, and I deal with difficult situations at work to where it can be stressful. Through all of it, I didn’t stop writing. I would drive along the country roads, the story flitting through my mind. I would try to go to sleep, and there it was again.

Even though my Grams isn’t physically here with us anymore, I know she’s been with me the entire time. I can so see her in heaven flaunting purple wings, bright blue eyeshadow, and blonde hair as she hollers, ‘That’s my Tiffy!’ in her British accent. Yeah, my Grams rocked this world, just like I know she’s rockin’ heaven.

Now, I’m throwing my manuscript out there, and we’ll see what happens.


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