I have spent quite a bit of time shuffling through airports – from the nice, small airports like the one in Louisville, KY to the bustling, chaotic one in Atlanta, GA. I always find it interesting to sit back and just watch people. There are so many people in different stages of their lives, with completely different backgrounds than mine, but there’s usually one constant as they rush through the terminals. Most heads are bent down, studying their phones as they drag their bags behind them, and the others…their phone’s attached to their ear. To me, it’s interesting how we communicate through these little devices and ignore the people around us. Listen, I’m not hating on anyone. There’s times where I’m so grateful I can put in earplugs and jam to some Imagine Dragon or get lost in some Conway Twitty. There are so very unique people in the world, and sometimes, even I don’t feel like making small talk.

Regardless of whatever’s going on around me, I’m always friendly. I have seen people be ugly to each other for no real reason, which is something I watch and shake my head at. Then there’s the gentleman that rushes through security, constantly checking his watch, muttering under his breath, and cutting his eyes as the TSA agents. The one thought that rolls through my mind is, ‘Man, I’m glad I’m not married to that guy.”

Personally, I’m grateful for the TSA agents. They deal with dicks, male and female, every single day, but still manage to smile while ensuring we remain safe on our flights. There are some bad chicks and dudes in the world, so just because someone manages to misjudge the time it takes to get through security isn’t TSA’s problem.

Now with the partial government shutdown, the TSA agents are going to work without receiving a paycheck. They deserve our kindness and understanding instead of us taking out our personal issues on them. #DontBeADick #SpreadLoveTSA


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