Ramblin’ Misfit

It seems like forever since I’ve been on here. The last few months have flown by for this girl. I was on the road most of February – hit 11 states for work in 10 days. Then I spent almost a week in Arkansas. Here’s a few snaps from the work trip(s).


In-between all of the traveling that month, my son turned 16 – EEK! I’m still trying to get used to being in a car with him driving. My dad and sister are trying to get used to it as well. They even prayed before getting in the car with J. I can’t say that I blame them…

My dad turned 60. So, I flew to Maryland and back to Ohio the same day to surprise my son and my father with surprise parties. Each one thought it was for the other one. Needless to say, it was worth it. I was tired from all of the traveling and work stuff I had going on, but everything I do in my life is for my family. Jobs will come and go, co-workers will flit in and out of your life, some friends will be there one minute and gone the next, but family is family – there for you through it all.

My family are the ones who see the sides to me that I don’t share with very many people. I keep a solid line between my work life and my home life – so friends from work are VERY rare. Then I’ve been on the move most of my life since my dad was in the military, so the walls are up and I find myself being guarded and not really getting close to too many people outside of my circle of family.

Now, I’m enjoying a small reprieve from traveling before I hit the road again. I’m pretty excited about the next few months. Vacation is right around the corner, which means I will be in Ireland, Scotland and England in no time. I work hard, then play hard. Life is about creating moments and memories, which is what I do. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and wish I would’ve visited new places or tried new things. I don’t always fit into the normal cliques, but this ramblin’ misfit ain’t missing a thing.

I hope y’all have an awesome day. I managed to get back into the whole gym/jogging scene, so I’m smelling a little ripe at the moment. Ha!

Much Love,



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