Dearest Self-Doubt

There’s a voice that whispers through my mind at times telling me my dreams are silly. That I’ll never make it. It makes me wonder if other people watch me chasing my dream and think the same thing. How long has she been writing? She hasn’t made it yet. Why does she keep writing? It will never happen. It’s a voice that sounds eerily like my own, and I try to block it out. It’s easy to listen to the voice of self-doubt.

So, dearest self-doubt, maybe there are some people out there that watch us dreamers and think we’ll never make it. Sometimes success isn’t obtained in a short amount of time. It takes work, consistency, learning and growing, and the determination to keep at it regardless of what others think. Most singers, famous authors, athletes, actors/actresses, etc. faced adversity at some point when they were chasing their dream, but they didn’t give up. I hear you, dearest self-doubt, but I’m not listening. You will kill more dreams than any living, breathing person. Instead, I’m taking a deep breath and pressing on.

You can whisper through my mind, trying to taint my thoughts, but I’m stronger than you. I have stories to tell, so I’m going to write them down and churn them out because there’s a stronger voice inside me telling me I can do it. There will be moments where I fail and that’s ok. I will learn from it, and I will keep going. Dreams are meant to be chased. Dreams are meant to be fought for.

I choose to write regardless of the negative tentacles you weave through my mind because I won’t let you win. I won’t be defeated. This is my life, and I’m ready to conquer it.


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