I spent Sunday evening at a venue listening to the bands of the Unstoppable God Tour. As I listened to each band discuss some of their trials and tribulations as they pursued their dreams, it was like God was speaking to me through them. We see athletes, musicians, actors, actresses, etc. when their dreams turned into their reality, but we never really stop to look at the path they had to take to get there. Most of them were rejected at some point, faced their own set of obstacles, and wanted to give up, but they didn’t.

There are times when I get inside my head. We all do. One of the key moments of the night for me was when Rhett Walker was talking about his new song, ‘Believer’. He was telling us that it was a prayer he says to himself when he looks in the mirror every morning because when you have some space in your head, the enemy creeps in with the negative thoughts. That’s something I just learned over these past few months. That voice that sounds like your own telling you that you’ll never be good enough, that people are mocking you, that you’ll never realize your dream… that’s the enemy trying to bring you down.

Almost every single day, I write because I feel led to write. Stories saved me as a child as I moved from one new school to the next. I was transported to different worlds, and I didn’t feel so alone. It sucked being a shy kid of a military parent.

Essentially, I started writing because I wanted to take the stories rolling around in my mind, playing in my dreams, and put them on paper to where maybe, just maybe, I can give to some child what was given to me as a child. There are children who are starving, who are dealing with an abusive parent, or maybe dealing with some other life issue that no child should have to face.

The voices will always be there, trying to bring us down, but there’s a bigger voice and a greater power to turn to. Turn to God. And no matter what …. keep believing.

You can follow the bands of the Unstoppable God Tour on Twitter: Rhett Walker – @rhettwalker, Verses – @Verses_band, Justin Warren – @justinteseniar and Sanctus Real – @SanctusReal.


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