Never Give Up

Y’all, today I feel accomplished. Today, I harbor hope in my heart as I stare at the typed papers in front of me. I finished editing my next novel, which I am pretty stoked about. *insert screaming girl who’s jumping up and down like an idiot* Yeah, definitely excited.

I’ve been working on my craft for a few years, and I know I have grown in leaps and bounds with each new manuscript. Some people might move on if they didn’t catch a break with their first few manuscripts, but if you love doing something and you have dreams, don’t quit. It’s that simple. Dreams aren’t a sprint, they’re a marathon. Always dare to imagine the impossible. Chase your dreams and hang in there, even if you’re wheezing along the way.

In life, I have learned there will be doors you knock on that will never open for you, but just because those doors stayed closed, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t knock on the next one. It is in the moments you stand in front of a closed door that determine how much you really want something. Keep moving. Keep improving. And most of all, keep believing.

Never give up, ladies and gents. Never.


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