Adolescent Gremlin

This past week held one of those crazy, hormonal days we females get blessed with from time to time. You know … the one where you know you’re being unreasonable and a little crazy, but your hormones feed on it like it is chocolate, so then you act even crazier instead of the sane, normal human being  you usually are. Luckily for my adolescent gremlin, the hormones were back to normal levels last night. You wanna see why? This. This is why.

Is it really supposed to be funny because it sounds like a fart? Does it make it even funnier to continuously make the same stupid noise over and over and over and over again? I don’t remember finding something so dumb so amusing at the gremlin’s age. Is that really how boys are now? I like to tell myself that girls are different. More mature. If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t be subjected to this dumbness. It probably doesn’t help that it gets under my skin. It’s like the person that constantly clicks their pen in class or in a meeting. Please, have mercy and just stop.

Oh, and by the way … this is the definition of clean courtesy of the adolescent gremlin. I am going to tag this post to every social media account he has. His guy friends won’t care, but I hope the girls rag on him hard. Go get ‘em, girls!

If you think there’s nothing wrong with the pictures, then your room probably isn’t clean either. Just sayin’. Maybe there’s some other mom out there to teenage boys who is whipping them into shape and their room is spotless because she is hovering over them, constantly checking their room, or whatever. Y’all, that’s just not me. I believe that at a certain age, we need to let our teenagers breathe and fall flat on their faces before we send them off into the world and they can’t do anything without their momma breathing down their neck. I hate micromanaging, and I want my kids to be self-sufficient when they leave home.

In my mind, if this is my kid’s worst offense, then I am doing well. He loves his momma … even when he’s an annoying jerk. Maybe he felt bad and that’s why he paid for a pint of chocolate ice cream for me last night? Maybe … maybe not. This evening, my house will be invaded by four adolescent gremlins, and I am not sure my heart or my nose can take it. If you have a spare moment today, whisper a prayer for me.

~Tiff~  #momofgremlins

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